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Book Long Term Rentals For Your Vacation!

a boat is docked next to a body of waterHave the perfect Coronado vacation all planned out but still curious about how to get around town during your stay?

Many people wonder if Coronado is walkable, and if they’ll even need a rental vehicle while in town. Having transportation will be a huge plus during your stay; although Coronado is walkable, the island is still about a mile wide and a mile long.

Luckily, you’re in the right place if you’re looking for the best ride in town! Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about booking our long term and multi day rentals.

Why rent a golf cart?

You’ll notice as soon as you make your way onto the island that golf carts are a very popular choice for getting around town. They’re electric, easy to park, and let you soak in the San Diego sun while cruising around. From grocery trips to beach days, golf carts are a Coronado staple- as the saying goes, when in Rome do as the Romans do!

What is the shortest and longest amount of time I can rent for multiple days or long-term?

A two day rental is the shortest multi-day rental available, and begins the day you pick it up. You can also rent weekly or monthly for extended stays!

What are the long-term rates?

*These are rates shown before taxes. Rentals can also be longer than 30 days! 🙂


  • 2 DAY – $258
  • 3 DAY – $349
  • 4 DAY – $449
  • 5 DAY – $499
  • 6 DAY – $549
  • 7 DAY – $599
  • 14 DAY – $949
  • 21 DAY – $1289
  • 30 DAY – $1599


  • 2 DAY – $298
  • 3 DAY – $399
  • 4 DAY – $499
  • 5 DAY – $579
  • 6 DAY – $659
  • 7 DAY – $739
  • 14 DAY – $1189
  • 21 DAY – $1559
  • 30 DAY – $1899


  • 2 DAY – $338
  • 3 DAY – $449
  • 4 DAY – $549
  • 5 DAY – $649
  • 6 DAY – $749
  • 7 DAY – $849
  • 14 DAY – $1499
  • 21 DAY – $1749
  • 30 DAY – $2199
a person sitting on a motorcycle

Do I need a place to charge the cart? Will my hotel accommodate charging?

Yes, you do need a place to charge the cart when keeping it overnight or long-term. We recommend charging it nightly, like we do with our rentals. All of our carts plug into a 110v outlet.

Many Coronado hotels are accommodating when it comes to charging your golf cart.

We recommend confirming the charging situation with your hotel before booking your long-term rental as every hotel is different.

How do I charge the cart?

Charging the cart is simple; plug one end into the 110v outlet, and the other end into the cart. It’ll be all charged up come morning time!

Can I drive to the Coronado Loews Resort with the golf cart?

The carts cannot drive on the Strand Freeway. This means that you cannot drive to the Coronado Cays, Strand Housing, or the Coronado Loews Resort when renting on Coronado Island. Based on availability, it is possible to deliver golf carts for use within these neighborhoods or resorts. For example, you could rent a cart and have it delivered to drive around permitted areas in the Lowes’ resort. However, the cart would have to stay on the property and cannot drive onto the freeway towards Coronado. Same with the Coronado Cays. Although it is in Coronado, you must use the freeway to access it so the cart cannot drive between Coronado Island and the Coronado Cays.

Can I drive on the beach with the golf cart?

You cannot drive on the beach with the carts. Carts are not allowed on the sand, bike paths, or sidewalks. The carts are street legal, so you’ll drive them on the road just like your car!

Where can I take the cart?

When renting in Coronado, your cart cannot go over the Coronado Bridge or onto the Strand Freeway. For rentals outside of Coronado, golf carts must stay on roads under 35mph.

When should I book my rental? Is there usually plenty of availability?

To ensure you’ll have the correct size and amount of carts you want, we recommend booking as soon as you’re set on your rental dates! Availability fluctuates throughout the year, so the best way to make sure everything goes smoothly is to reserve as soon as you’re ready. It might seem early, but Coronado summers get especially busy! 🙂

Can I return my cart early?

You can return your cart early, but there are no refunds for returning early.

I’m staying in San Diego, but not in Coronado. Can I still rent?

If you’d like the golf cart experience but you’re not staying in Coronado, contact us about delivery options!

Where should I park my cart when I’m not using it?

You can park it anywhere you’d legally park your regular car, such as overnight curb/street parking! Always make sure you have the golf cart key with you- don’t leave it in the cart.

Do pay attention to parking signs and time limits on parking in certain areas.

Are you close to the Coronado Ferry Landing?

Our office is about a mile away from the Ferry Landing. The walk would be about 30 minutes; some people choose to uber/lyft, take the city bus, or the summer shuttle to our office!


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