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Coming to Coronado and have a couple questions about renting one of our carts? I’ll help you out! 

We have three golf cart sizes – four seaters, six seaters, and eight seaters. Something to keep in mind is that the amount of people that will be riding with you cannot exceed the number of seats/seatbelts on the cart. So no squeezing a third person onto a bench! Always size up for both legal and safety purposes. 

It’s important to note that all the carts have two rear facing seats. A four seater has two front facing seats and two rear facing, a six seater has four front facing and two rear facing, and the eight seater has six front facing and two rear facing. Many groups of four people decide to size up to a six seater for a couple reasons. A six seater allows everyone to sit facing forward, and be underneath the roof. Another bonus of sizing up is being able to fold down the back seat and use the flat top for storage! However, it all comes down to preference. Many people have fun riding on the back, so just check with your group before deciding on the cart size you’d like to reserve. 



As long as your child is older than 2, they can ride on the golf carts! Since the golf carts are legally cars and are driven on the road with other vehicles, your child will need to be in their booster or car seat. Boosters and car seats must be on a front facing bench. This means that if there’s four people in your group, and two of the kids are in booster or car seats, you’ll need to size up to a six seater. A four seater won’t work as two of the seats are facing backwards, but a six seater will have everyone facing forward and underneath the roof. 

Another question we get is in regards to infants riding on the carts. Children younger than 2 cannot ride on the carts even if they’re sitting in someone’s lap or in a baby carrier. You also cannot have a child sitting between two people on a bench. This is for both safety and legal reasons! If you have any questions regarding your child riding the golf cart, don’t hesitate to reach out prior to booking.



Let’s say you’re renting a beach package (2 chairs, 2 towels, 2 boogie boards, and 1 umbrella) with your golf cart. This package is pretty easy to fit comfortably on the back portion of the cart where the seat folds down into a flat top. However, if every seat is filled and there’s no designated spot for the beach package, it can get pretty tricky getting everything onto the cart. We recommend sizing up for the extra room with beach packages! 

As for general storage, there is not much of it on the golf cart. There’s two spots in the front of the cart that could fit a small purse or small personal items (phone, wallet, etc), and space underneath the back bench that you could fit a backpack or groceries under. If you have bags or backpacks with you, many people secure them by putting them on a seat and buckling the seatbelt through the straps.



We love your furry friends, and they’re always welcome on the golf carts! You may be wondering if you should size up for more room. Generally speaking, two people on a bench with a dog seems to work out great. If your dog is a larger breed, or if you have more than one dog, I would recommend getting the next cart size up. 




If you have a larger group but don’t want to drive around an eight seater, mix it up! You can always get multiple smaller carts to fit the amount of people riding with you. For example, you could rent two four seaters instead of one big eight seater. 

For large events, multiple carts can also be helpful for transporting guests. This is a popular option during wedding season! 



Thanks for reading!

Booking/Contact Info:

619.504.5537 (call or text)

Instagram: @coronadogolfcarts

We’re open 10AM – 5PM, 7 days a week!

1017 Isabella Avenue, Coronado, CA, 92118 


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