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A Sea-nic Day In Coronado – Where to Use Your Beach Package On Island!

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Let me let you in on one of Coronado’s best travel hacks… instead of lugging around beach gear and letting it take up the limited room in your luggage, or buying beach equipment, you can rent it! Alongside our golf cart rentals, we rent out $25 beach packages. For $25, two towels, two beach chairs, two boogie boards, and one large beach umbrella are yours for the day! Add a cooler to the beach package for $10 to keep your drinks cool at the beach (or rent alone for $15/day). And don’t forget the music – starting at $5/one hour and $8/day, bluetooth speakers are also available to rent! Our beach package is customizable – each item is $5, so add on, take off, or swap items to your liking. Now that you know about the best deal in town for beach gear rentals, you might be wondering where to enjoy the sand and sea. Coronado has several beautiful locations to enjoy our beach package at – here’s our faves!


Coronado Central Beach

Just two blocks away from our office is Coronado’s Central Beach. At about 1.5 miles long, you and your family have plenty of space to enjoy the sun, sand, and waves. Generally speaking, the waves aren’t too big, making it a perfect destination for those who are getting familiar with the ocean and learning how to swim/boogie board. The glittery sand may catch your eye too – Coronado’s Central Beach is mixed with mica which keeps it shimmering all year long! Coronado’s Central Beach can get pretty crowded. If you’re looking for a bit of refuge from the crowds, try lounging on the sand dunes at Central Beach! These large lumps of sand actually spell out Coronado from an aerial view, and provide beach dwellers on the ground with a bit of privacy. You won’t be right on the water if you’re hanging out here, but you’re a short walk away from the ocean. This is an ideal spot for those just looking to sunbathe and relax!


Dog Beach

Head north on Central Beach and you’ll find yourself at our furry friend’s favorite sandy destination – Dog Beach. Even those who don’t have a dog to bring along will love petting and playing with the friendly dogs! The view at Dog Beach is definitely a cherry on top of an already fantastic experience; views of Point Loma and the entirety of Coronado’s Beach surround you here. Dog Beach is located right across from Sunset Park, which is another great location to hang out on island with a view. Do keep in mind that this is an off-leash beach, and most dogs will be roaming and playing freely. 


Tidelands Park

Tidelands Park is a great location for those looking for a quieter day by the water. Hang out and sunbathe on the grass, or head down to where the sand meets the bay. Stunning views of the Coronado Bridge, Downtown San Diego, and the San Diego Bay await you here. For extra fun, consider renting jet skis, paddleboards, or kayaks down at the Ferry Landing to use alongside your beach package! With bike paths, a playground, picnic spots, and unique sculptures, this is an awesome destination for a day out in Coronado.


Ferry Landing

Close to the aforementioned Tidelands Park is the Coronado Ferry Landing. If lounging somewhere sunny with a city skyline view sounds like your thing, set up your beach equipment here! There’s several different sandy spots located around the Ferry Landing – some of these being near Centennial Park, the ferry dock, and along the bike/pedestrian path. Generally speaking, this will be a less crowded location in comparison to Central Beach and you have some of Coronado’s best eateries right there with you. 


Stingray Point 

Up for a small adventure? Trek across the Coronado Golf Course to take in the views offered at Stingray Point Beach, where the Glorietta and San Diego Bay meet. This beach is a bit on the smaller side, but the views are gorgeous – lounge and watch the sailboats pass by while enjoying views of Coronado and Coronado’s Bay Bridge.


Book Your Beach Day With Us!

Now that you know the best spots to enjoy your beach package around the island, all that’s left to do is make your reservation with us! No golf cart rental is necessary to rent a beach package. But if you’re looking to double the fun and enjoy the entire island, our golf cart rentals start at $59 for the first hour. Call, text, email, or book online today – happy summer!


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