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Photo Worthy Locations on Island

a large body of water with a city in the background


Looking for the best places to capture some memories on island? It’s honestly hard to find a non photo-worthy location in Coronado – surrounded by water views, beachfront mansions, and charming neighborhoods, the island of Coronado is nothing short of alluring. You’ll probably want to take pictures everywhere you go, but here are some of the best spots to capture some memories around our island from a local’s perspective!


Centennial Park

Head on down to First and Orange to enjoy the picturesque Centennial Park. Grassy hills and city skyline views right on the water make this a perfect spot to take family pics, or to show off the scenery! When in bloom, the rose garden is also a cute background to include in your photos. Centennial Park is beautiful during the day, but don’t miss out on the opportunity for some sunset/nighttime shots here as well! The lights of downtown reflecting off the water make for a great moment to capture on camera. Centennial Park is a very short walk away from the Coronado Ferry Landing, so you can check that out right after.

Parakeet Cafe

Although most photo-worthy locations on our island are going to be outdoors, Parakeet Cafe makes it on the list for its standout decor. Neon signs, brightly-colored wallpaper, and on-theme bird decorations adorn the inside of Parakeet Cafe and the neighboring Parakeet Juicery! A bit tucked away is a mural in the outdoor area behind the restaurant, which definitely makes for the perfect picture opportunity. Besides the restaurant itself, Parakeet’s colorful and always artfully-presented menu items are totally worth taking some quick snaps of. Grab a smoothie (might i recommend the dragonfruit blast?), hang out, and take some cute pictures in this unique Coronado favorite. 


Yep, Elvis. Head on down to local favorite Mootime on Orange Avenue to not only enjoy some delicious ice cream, but to take some fun pictures with the Elvis statue right out front! Once you’ve snapped a pic with the king of rock and roll, opt for a silly photo with the cow statue out front as well. Mootime Creamery is the best place on island for some ice cream creations – ice cream tacos, sundaes, and shakes make this a must-visit for anyone visiting the island. (If you’re looking for a recommendation, I always opt for the silly vanilly flavor!) 🙂

Feast And Fareway 

Another restaurant worth mentioning is Feast and Fareway. Because of it’s unique location on Coronado’s Golf Course, this is sure to be a bit different than your typical dining experience. Modern interior with expansive views of the Coronado Golf Course, San Diego/Glorietta Bay, and The Coronado Bridge make this an awesome location for those looking to dine within a picture-perfect venue. I would personally recommend making some brunch reservations here!

Star Park Flowers  

Head down to Star Park and some bright blooms at 1037 Star Park Circle are sure to catch your eye – flowers of every color and variety line the pavement and sprout along the fence, leaving you surrounded by the gorgeous flora. 1037 Star Park is a house, so be respectful of the property and residents if you decide to snap some shots here. While you’re in the area, Star Park itself is a laid-back park perfect for those just looking for a quiet place to read, lounge, or sunbathe – kids love playing here too! This location is also just around the corner from my next recommendation…

The Hotel Del Coronado 

On a list of instagrammable locations in Coronado, The Hotel Del cannot be left off. Who wouldn’t want to hang out at the same place Marilyn Monroe starred in Some Like It Hot at, and that many Presidents have frequented? Luckily, this hotel is open to the public so you don’t need to be a guest to wander around and enjoy what this Victorian hotel with a very rich history has to offer. You could actually spend a whole day around the Del without being a guest, but we’ll talk about that more in a future post! Being located right on the coast, you can hang out on the Del Beach and take some beautiful pictures from sunrise to sunset. You could even go all out and rent a day bed from the Hotel Del for a fun beach photoshoot. The hotel itself makes for a great photo opportunity as well – pose in front of the iconic red and white roof for the perfect shot!

Sandcastles at Del Beach 

Speaking of The Hotel Del, be sure to check out the sandcastles while at Del Beach! Coronado local Bill Pavlacka (known as The Sandcastle Man), can be spotted building these one of a kind works of art year round.  If you visit around a holiday, they’re sure to be on theme. Any other time of year, you’ll still find impressive sandcastles to snap some pics of!

Flamingos at Coronado Marriott Resort and Spa

You don’t need to head down to the zoo to see some flamingos – because you can actually find flamingos in Coronado! Take a walk around the Marriott Resort and you’ll see these guys hanging out in the ponds around the property. The flamingos are definitely a unique addition to the island that you’ll want to capture on camera! The Marriott Resort and Spa is between the Coronado Ferry Landing and Tidelands Park, so you can drop by those local favorite spots as well.

Ready For Your Next Adventure?

Like I said earlier, most places in Coronado are more than picturesque. The above list is just some of the best places to take some pics – the real fun is exploring the island and discovering new places! There’s no better way to explore everything Coronado has to offer than cruising around on a golf cart, so contact us today to book your adventure around Coronado Island – see ya soon! 

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