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Best Places to Stay on the Island!

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What brings you to Coronado? Are you traveling for business or for pleasure? Who will accompany you on your trip? What amenities are most important whilst traveling? These are some of the vital pieces of information a sage traveler will take in to consider when planning the perfect getaway.

There’s a wide variety of lodging options on the island, from home rentals, hotels, and B&B’s. Perhaps the most well known, (albeit the most costly option) is the renowned “Hotel Del Coronado”. With its rich history and iconic structure, it’s a most popular choice among visitors. The” Hotel Del Coronado” has been the setting for many classic movies, and has been the choice of many famous actors/actresses, historical figures, including US presidents as a place to lay their heads to rest. The “Del’s” website suggests that there is a unique feeling that guests experience during their stay, they refer to it as “The Del State of Mind.” Engulfed by the simple luxuries; the sand between your toes, the gentle breezes & the sounds of the sea, your senses are transported into an alternate state of being, far removed from the hustle & bustle of your daily routine.

a view of Hotel del Coronado

Even if you don’t opt to stay at the “Del” during your visit, you should definitely take some time for a stroll through it’s lush grounds, or plan an afternoon to indulge in a specialty cocktail, & perhaps some coastal inspired bites while soaking in all in out on their magnificent sundeck. You simply can’t come to Coronado without checking out this historical treasure!

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Another quaint option for your lodging needs is the“Hotel Marisol”. Located only one block from Cornado’s white sandy beachfront, this charming boutique hotel has only 15 rooms in total. With its quiet, romantic vibe, the boutique style “Hotel Marisol” is reminiscent of the French Riviera, and is a favorite among traveling couples. Rates per night range from about $285 for a room to about $329 for a junior suite. If you’re planning a wedding or other special event, you have the option of renting the entire property for three nights.

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What a convenient & efficient way to host receptions, rehearsal dinners, ect. all at one central location! Guests will enjoy access to loaner bicycles, use them to get nearly anywhere on the island! The hotel also thoughtfully provides beach chairs & towels for beach going guests. With it’s convenient location and well thought out amenities, it’s a delightful choice for your lodging needs during your stay on the island.


a large building

If you’re looking for a place to stay with modern amenities while still maintaining Coronado’s historic charm, then the “Glorietta Bay Inn”is the place for you! The “Glorietta Bay Inn” was built in 1908 as the home for Coronado’s historical figure, John D. Spreckels. “Glorietta Bay Inn” boasts a majestic architectural structure featuring both standard rooms and mansion rooms.

Prices for a room range from around $170- the $300’s, and the Mansion Penthouse suite goes for $680. Centrally located just across the street Nado’s white sandy beaches and a stone’s throw away from boutique shopping and eateries, it’s an excellent choice for the refined traveler and or history/ architecture buff.

a path with trees on the side of a buildingFor those of you looking for an exceedingly charming, cozy, & classic, B & B lodging experience, check out Coronado’s lesser known “Cherokee Lodge”. This option may be especially appealing to the budget conscious traveler, with all of their lovely rooms reasonably priced at under $200.

The name“Cherokee Lodge” was derived from the wild cherokee roses that dwell among the property’s lush greenery. The lodge, originally erected back in 1896, has a rich history and is entrenched in Coronado’s historical culture. Despite its age, the lodge is impeccably maintained and has a peaceful, garden cottage type of vibe. A pedestrian strolling by who didn’t know better would assume this building to be one of Coronado’s many distinguished looking homes. One really cool feature worth mentioning is that no two rooms/studios available for rent are the same. You certainly won’t get the cookie cutter hotel room feel at this place! If you’re looking for that home away from home feeling while traveling, “The Cherokee Lodge” is sure to meet your expectations.

There are many other options worth exploring, but I hope that the examples I’ve highlighted here give you a small taste of what the lodging experience is like here on Coronado. For a more extensive list of lodging options, be sure to check out . Wherever your journey ends up bringing you, be sure to stop in to “Coronado Golf Cart Rentals” located conveniently at 1017 Isabella Avenue to check out our rental options, we know you’ll be delighted that you did, as there really is no better way to explore this fascinating island!

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