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How To Golf Cart Like A Pro In 2 Hours!

a truck is parked on the side of a roadOnly have an hour or two to cruise around Coronado with us? It might seem intimidating trying to do it all with limited time, but no worries! Although our little island is filled with activities that could keep you entertained for the whole day, an hour or two is enough time to sight see the whole island if that’s what you’re working with! After all, Coronado is only about a mile long and a mile wide.

Keep reading for some recommendations on how to plan your golf cart reservation!


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Can’t start the fun without your golf cart! Our office is conveniently located at 1017 Isabella Avenue right off of our main road, Orange Avenue.

Plan ahead and keep some room in your schedule for parking – on busier days, the lot right out front might fill up. If that happens, you can park on a nearby residential street.

One of the biggest time savers on the day of your rental is going to be filling out your golf cart waiver ahead of time! If you click on your confirmation email, there should be a link so you can fill that out before you head on in. If you don’t see it and would like to fill it out, give us a call and we’ll text you a link! Filling out your waiver ahead of time makes your trip into the office a bit more efficient – we’ll go straight to walking over the map with you, and you’ll be on your way!


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Yay, you have your cart and are off to explore! For your first sight-seeing option, I always recommend coasting down Ocean Boulevard. It’s right around the corner from our office, and you simply can’t miss the gorgeous views that’ll surround you on this little strip of Coronado.

On one side, you’ll have unbelievable views of the Pacific Ocean, Point Loma, The Hotel Del, and, of course, Coronado Beach!

You might even need to make a u-turn and drive down Ocean again – this time you can marvel at the amazing beachfront mansions on the residential side of Ocean Boulevard. They overlook the beach and are a staple of Coronado’s scenery!


a close up of a flower garden
It’s no wonder home sightseeing is a popular activity of choice for those visiting Coronado, and locals alike!

One of my favorite things about Coronado is how unique all of the homes are. Whenever I take a walk or drive around town, I’m truly always finding a home I’ve never seen before.

If you’re interested in Coronado’s real estate, try exiting Ocean Boulevard onto Alameda Boulevard. I recommend this because Alameda connects to many residential streets that you can turn onto, and be able to quickly access a main road again! Once you reach the end of Alameda, you can turn right onto 1st Street where some of my personal favorite mansions are! And definitely don’t skip out on a drive down the windy, palm tree lined Glorietta Boulevard, which neighbors our golf course.

To be totally honest, there’s not necessarily a correct route to take in Coronado if you want to look at the gorgeous properties. They’re everywhere! This is simply just my recommendation so your drive will flow best, but please feel free to explore more of Coronado’s homes!

And of course, these homes are private property so be respectful of the residents and families 🙂


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If you plan on taking the golf cart to the ferry landing so you can spend your time there, you have lots of options on what to do!

One of the best things about eating at the landing is that whether you decide on casual (Village Pizzeria is a popular favorite), takeout (Parfait Paris is delicious!), or fine dining (check out Il Fornaio), you get an amazing view with it!

And don’t forgot to stop and smell the roses at Centennial Park’s garden. Here, you’ll have gorgeous views of the San Diego skyline which makes this a great destination if you want to take some pictures!

There’s also plenty of shopping at the ferry landing, and you might just catch the local farmer’s market while you’re there!

If you just plan on taking a stroll around the ferry to take in the view, you might not need to carve much time out of your schedule to visit. Just park, hop on out, and enjoy the sights!


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Our main street has a little bit of everything!

Orange Avenue is a mile long stretch that’ll take you from The Hotel Del all the way down to the Ferry Landing, but don’t skip out on what’s in between.

I suggest taking a drive and pulling into a parking spot whenever you see something you’d like to check out, and walk around the area before you drive along further. If you’re on the side of Orange near the ferry landing there’s a lot of different restaurants so it’s the perfect place to be if you’re hungry. Rosemary Trattoria is a great spot for authentic Italian food in a cozy setting, Coronado Brewing Company has been a local favorite for years, and Saiko Sushi is fit for any seafood cravings you have – there’s something for everyone!

The end of Orange that our office is close to is a nice mix of shopping and eating! Parakeet Juicery/Cafe is the go to spot for health food and yummy smoothies in a colorful setting, or you can head across the street to The Henry for American cuisine the whole family can enjoy. And after you enjoy your meal, take a walk to the local shops next door!


a group of palm trees and buildings in the background with Hotel del Coronado in the backgroundYou’re already in one of the most beautiful travel destinations, so don’t stress about arranging everything down to the minute. You’re on island time, enjoy it!

One great thing about a golf cart is being able to enjoy the weather and the scenery all around you. So if you’re not quite sure what you want to do, just ride around Coronado and see where it takes you! There’s beautiful sights at every corner and sunny weather year round.


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As you can see, you don’t need a lot of time to have some fun cruising around Coronado with your own golf cart!

Come on down and rent a 4, 6, or 8 seat cart, starting at $59 for the first hour.

We’re always more than happy to help you out, so give us a call or send us an email with any questions, or if you’re ready to make your reservation!

2023 books are now open!


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