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Planning Your Kid Friendly Coronado Trip

a person playing frisbee on a sandy beachExploring the island with your kiddos soon? You picked a great spot – Coronado is filled with family friendly activities for the laid back days spent at our sunny beaches and the adventure packed ones filled with surfing and venturing across the bay on the ferry!

Planning a vacation can be a little bit stressful, so here’s a list of kid-approved activities, restaurants, and shops to help you out 🙂


Every kid is unique, but you’re sure to find something they’ll enjoy in Coronado! Here are some of our recommendations for year-round activities your kids will love.

a truck is parked on the side of a road1) GOLF CARTS

I’m not just biased – golf carts are always a family favorite! Play some music and cruise around Coronado like a local. Easy on and off makes golf carts the most convenient and fun way to get around! You can start the day off at our beautiful beach (we offer beach packages to rent too!) and head down to the ferry landing for a bite to eat all while enjoying the island scenery around you. And if a furry friend is a part of your family, they’re more than welcome on the carts as well! Do keep in mind that children ages 2-8 years old must be in a booster or car seat, and we do provide those free of charge. Unfortunately, children under the age of 2 cannot ride on the carts.

a large body of water with a city in the background

Another great option to check out while in Coronado will actually take you off the island. Head down to The Coronado Ferry Landing and buy tickets to ride the ferry which will take you across the bay to Downtown San Diego! The San Diego Convention Center and The Broadway Pier are the two ports downtown you can depart from and arrive at. The Convention Center port will bring you a bit closer to the Gaslamp Quarter, but I’d recommend taking the Ferry to the Broadway Pier for more family friendly options. As soon as you dock you’ll be right next to the historic USS Midway, The Star of India (the world’s oldest active sailing ship!), and plenty of restaurants to eat at. You’re also close to Seaport Village, a San Diego staple for visitors and locals – enjoy some Mr. Moto’s pizza and watch the sunset.

a beach with palm trees and a body of water3) SURFING CAMPS

ls there a more beautiful spot to learn how to surf? The mild waves in Coronado make it an ideal surfing spot for beginners. It might seem a little bit intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before but there’s no shortage of amazing surfing classes here! Ages 6 and up can take private or group surfing lessons at The Hotel Del Coronado, a convenient option for those staying there. Coronado Surfing Academy is also a trusted local business for those ages 6 and up who want to learn how to ride the waves. Choose from private or group instruction- surfboard and wetsuit included in the cost!


Coronado has shops for everybody – here are some of the best to stop by that your kids will love!

a group of stuffed animals on display in a store

Family-owned Geppetto’s Toys is a has been a San Diego staple for over 40 years, and we’re lucky to have a location right on Orange Avenue. Drop on in to check out board games for the whole family, arts and crafts, the newest LEGO sets, the cuddliest stuffed animals, and more! You’ll probably see some classic toys amongst the new ones too (Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots, Stretch Armstrong, and Colorforms, to name a few). Even if you don’t grab anything, it’s such a fun store to spend some time in!

a store filled with lots of food



And in classic Coronado style, Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory is just a few doors down from Geppetto’s, making these local favorites super easy to visit in one trip! This candy shop may be small, but it’s filled with absolutely every sweet treat you can think of. Opt for some house-made fudge, caramel apples, or maybe fill up a bag with their wide selection of taffy. There’s more sour candies than you can try in one visit – I love trying out a new flavor of sour belts every time I stop in. Fuzziwig’s also has a selection of novelty toys! You can find toys to pull pranks, fidgets, and stuffed animals all in this little shop – don’t miss out on this one!


Here are some places on island serving up delicious eats for everyone in your group!

a group of glass bottles on a table

This vintage diner is sure to be a hit for your family. The casual and friendly vibe will make you feel welcome as soon as you settle into your booth – go ahead and pick a song to play from the tabletop jukeboxes as well! A wide menu with each item as delicious as the next is one of the reasons this tops the list as a great restaurant in Coronado to bring the family to. You’ll find a variety of breakfast and bakery items, burgers, sandwiches, soup, malts, the list goes on!

a tray of food on a table2) VILLAGE PIZZERIA

With two on-island locations, delicious pizza is always right around the corner. You can order appetizers first like these yummy garlic knots, or some mouthwatering mozzarella sticks. Village Pizzeria also offers a variety of wings as an appetizer as well! Once you’re ready to order your pizza, you’ll have your fair share of options when it comes to toppings and crust style. And with five different sizes of pizza to choose from, groups of all sizes are covered!

a close up of a piece of cake on a plate

No matter where you decide to eat, make sure you leave room for some dessert at MooTime! This local creamery has some of the best ice cream in town. With over 30 rotating flavors to choose from, and delicious mix-ins, the possibilities are endless! MooTime also has a sundae menu, and specialty items like “MooTacos” and “MooPies”. With that much deliciousness being served up, it’ll be hard to just stop by here once on your visit!


What’s vacation without a little relaxation? Stop by some of these spots on a laid-back vacation day.

a tree in a park


Soak in the sunshine and fresh air amongst the canopy of trees at Spreckles Park, an ideal spot to spend an easy-going day in Coronado. Centrally located in Coronado, this park is a great location for picnics, photography, and for spending time in nature. The playground will keep your kids occupied too!

a room filled with lots of furniture

June of 2011 brought the highly anticipated grand re-opening of Coronado’s Village Theatre, and it’s a great spot to visit on your vacation. The theatre is quite small in size, hosting three viewing rooms painted with murals depicting Coronado and San Diego. Make sure to drop by when in town!


a tall building in a city park3) CENTENNIAL PARK

If you find yourself closer to 1st Street and need a place to relax, there’s no better place than Centennial Park. Between the unbeatable views of Downtown San Diego, the rose garden, lush greenery, and water views, Centennial Park is the perfect backdrop to your relaxing day. Grab some coffee across the street at Tartine first, and then enjoy the scenery!


a dog sitting on top of a picnic table
Well, I hope this guide helps you reach this level of relaxation on your upcoming island vacation!

Our 2023 books are now open! Spring break, summer vacation, and weekend getaways will be back before you know it – make sure to reserve your golf cart ahead of time to maximize the fun!

Rent a cart hourly, for the day, or long-term, starting at $59 for your first hour.

Our staff is more than happy to help you out, so send us an email or call us to make a reservation, or for any further inquiries!




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