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Ready For It? How to Holiday, Golf Cart Style!

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I know it seems a bit too early to be thinking about the holidays – the costumes, the candy, the feasting, the decorations! Summer has hardly started to slip away, but the festivities are coming up and will be here before we know it. There’s only 14 Sundays left until Santa Claus comes to town – so here’s a couple ways renting a golf cart could be beneficial to your holiday planning!



A crisp breeze floats by, pumpkins (some carved, others not) start appearing on your neighbor’s porches, and everyone seems to be sipping or eating a pumpkin spiced something. The telltale signs of autumn and the first holiday of the “ber” months have arrived in full swing! It’s only a matter of time ‘till you’re scrambling for a last minute costume, and making sure the kids love theirs in time for trick-or-treating. And while it’s always a blast walking door to door to collect as many sweet treats as possible before the night is over, have you ever considered taking on this autumnal tradition golf cart style? No more tired feet and having to trek across town to the street that gives out the full sized candy bars – just have everyone hop in and hop out! For spooky enthusiasts who love to go all out on decorations, a golf cart is sure to be something you haven’t taken on before. Make it match your costumes (Scooby Doo Mystery Van, Disney decorations, matching color scheme) or just stick to a classic Halloween approach with orange/purple lights, spider webs, and any scary decor you can get your hands on! However you feel like having fun on the spookiest day of the year is up to you, but why not switch it up and come cruise after dark? 



By the time November rolls around, the locals have become accustomed to an island that’s much quieter than it is in the lively days of summertime. Parking spaces are readily available on busy Orange Avenue, and there’s much more open space to lounge on the beach. But come Thanksgiving weekend, family and extended family are back to visit making Coronado feel like July in November! Usually, family is in town for at least a couple days and you’ll want to show them all the cool spots; surely, hitting up the Ferry Landing, touring The Del, and tasting your way through of some of the local restaurants before digging into your homemade dinner is in the books. Golf carts on Thanksgiving weekend are going to make it easier to show the family around town (we have carts that seat up to 8), and make those last-minute rushed trips to Vons much simpler – because there’s always that one ingredient you missed on your first visit. And for those who have more than one dinner to attend, cruising to your next feast will be a breeze! Golf carts are also great for those staying at a hotel during the holidays – it’s the best way (and most fun way) to get everywhere you need to be. So although a golf cart might not be the first thing on your mind while arranging a Thanksgiving that’ll outdo last years, it can definitely ease some of your planning.



The holidays in Coronado don’t look like your typical winter wonderland – there’s no chance of waking up to a white Christmas, or making snow angels in the front yard – but it’s just as magical as towns that experience such. Instead, island Christmas means ice skating by the seaside (seriously, where else can you do this??), a festive parade on Orange Avenue that everyone goes all out for, Candy Cane Lane, and window shopping all the holiday displays of local shops. Depending on what your festivities are going to look like this year, a golf cart could be a great addition to have. If you have family flying in and not enough room in the car for everyone, there’s no better way for them to experience the island than with a golf cart (although they’ll probably need to bundle up a bit as it gets chilly out – grab a hoodie like the one pictured above from our shop!). It’s also fun to include golf carts in your holiday decorating plans! String up some colorful lights and cruise around in style. Make sure to stay tuned for updates on this years “Ride The Lights” – an after hours golf cart experience that we offer in December. You’ll get to cozy up on our carts once the sun goes down and take in all the twinkling lights that illuminate the island from the Ferry Landing to The Hotel Del, and all the neighborhoods in-between.



As we slowly head into the holiday season, make sure to plan ahead and set up any reservations. Our carts start at $59 for the first hour, and can be rented hourly, for multiple days, or long-term. We hope to see you soon!

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