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Visitor’s Guide- A week in Nado’

So you’ve decided on the perfect location for your get-away, San Diego’s Coronado Island!!! With vast activity options to suit even the most finicky of travelers, you will “Nado”(haha!) be disappointed! Read on for some fun & sunny, yet sage suggestions on what to do while you’re here!

Day #1– Ahhh, you’re finally here!!!! Welcome! After getting checked in, and your luggage secured, take a walk over to Coronado’s iconic & historical Hotel Del. You don’t have to be a registered guest to check out the variety of shops & eateries on the hotel’s property. Afterwards, get out in the sun for some tide pooling! Located directly on the portion of beachfront from the Hotel Del is the home to a variety of marine life.

a close up of a flower
What a treat to see these fascinating creatures up close & personal, in their natural habitat! Just be careful not to disturb or harm our spiny little friends, you will be stepping into their home after all, so be sure to exercise proper tidepooling etiquette. If you’re not sure what that means, no worries, take a quick look at the link below for some helpful tips. 🙂 . When you’d had your fill, soak up some sunshine on the beach.
a large body of water with a city in the background
Day #2- Hopefully you had a restorative slumber, and wake up fresh and ready for some more island adventures!!! Find your way all the down the Island’s main drag, Orange Ave, and explore all that the Ferry Landing has to offer! Sit on a bench for a few and take it all in, allow yourself to become engulfed in all the sights and sounds. Gaze out over the bay and if you fancy, get a photograph of that spectacular San Diego skyline.
When you’ve had your fill of scenery & photographs (as if that’s possible…) take a lesisurely stroll over to”The Tasting Room” for some delectable small plates, just make sure you say “hi” to Colleen, she’s the best!!!! I’d get their small charcuterie and one of their zestfully fruity sangrias. Grab a bottle (or 2) and some goods to go for later too….you’ll be glad that you did, Mmmmm… tasty!!!a woman sitting on a park bench

Depending on the day of the week, you may get to experience one of the ferry landings live concert series, or the local farmers market. Visit to find out what’s happening during your visit. Not to worry though, even of none of these events are in progress, you’ll still find shopping, dining, and views to your hearts desire. Wander around until dinner time, then head to Il Fornaio. Their delicious Italian cuisine comes with a view, you just can’t beat it!

Day#3- Did you know…..Coronado has its own app featuring a location specific guide through all of their magnificent public art works, and there’s quite a few! Find it here;

a statue in front of a body of water

You could do the tour on foot, but I’d much rather rent a groovy little golf cart from ! If scooters are more your style, Coronado Golf Cart Rentals also offers fat tire scooter rentals! What a fun & efficient way to spend your day on an artsy Island excursion! 🙂

Day #4- Shopping day!!!!! The main drag on the island, Orange Avenue, features a variety of boutiques & specialty shops. Whether you’re window shopping, picking up some souvenirs, or treating yourself to some island inspired goods, you’re sure to find something truly special! With over 50 shops (WOW), Nado’s Orange Avenue has SO MANY charming “shopportunities”.

a person riding on the back of a boat in a body of water

Day #6- The Bayfront at Tidelands Park is the perfect place to set out for a day of paddle boarding, or kayaking! Schedule a paddle ‘sesh’ here;

If you’d rather kayak/canoe, or if you prefer more of a dry adventure, on a bike, perhaps, check out If you’re planning your outdoor excursion for a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, is another good local option!

Day #7- The island of Coronado is home to a multitude of beautiful parks! How about scheduling a day to cruise by each one, or maybe just a select few! Plan for a picnic, bring some outdoor games; such as ladder ball, corn hole, or spike ball, and get going! Don’t wanna carry all your outdoor gear on foot? No problem, Coronado Golf Cart rentals has you covered!

a basket with a body of water
We even have classic picnic baskets available for rent, add it to any reservation for just $18!!! The basket comes packed with the essential items for the PERFECT outdoor meal experience! All you need to do is fill it with some gourmet goodies & get on your way!!!

Rainy Day Option– OH NO!!!!! Rain is a near tragedy here in San Diego…(just kidding….but you might think so based the reaction of some locals). Not to fear, it’s merely a bit of rain, and lucky for you, there’s the Lamb’s Players Theatre! What a perfect option for some culturally inspired some indoor time!

a large clock mounted to the side of a building
Located right on 1142 Orange Ave in the Spreckles building, you’ll find the iconic Lambs Players theatre. Catch one of their hit productions in this non-profit, charming resident theater, right in the heart of Nado’s coastal village! The Million Dollar Quartet will be performing through July 24th this summer! Get the insider info at

There are heaps of exciting options to suit your individual needs, but I hope that you’ve found this article helpful in the planning at least some of your of your Island itinerary! Don’t forget to stop in & see us at Coronado Golf Cart Rentals, located at 1017 ISABELLA AVE!

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